Last Thursday night was the first night we had an attempt to get to the new content (Rotface et all) in Icecrown.

Except Saurfang was being annoying and not letting us pass. Now I remember Blizzard saying something about how they don’t want to restrict people to having certain types of groups or requiring certain classes in order to be able to pass content. Sure, it was a while ago (probably at the release of Wrath infact).

However the nature of the Saurfang encounter demands ranged DPS. You could do the entire fight with all ranged DPS if you wanted even (excepting the obligatory tanks/heals of course). Our group on the night was very melee heavy (only 2 warlocks for ranged dps), and this meant that we couldn’t manage the blood beasts.

Tonight we’re up for round two, and our first attempts at the new content. Seeing we will have our usual group together (fingers crossed), I’m not expecting Saurfang to give us any trouble (seeing as how we pretty much have him down usually).

I’m more commenting on the fact that this encounter does seem to be at odds with the previously announced Blizzard philosophy of being more lenient on the balance of your raid.

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