I also just want to give a big shout out to all those people who participated in yesterday’s 25 man Icecrown.

Congratulations to all those who won something!

It was a mammoth effort by all involved, with its fair share of ups and downs. However we did have the satisfaction of downing 3 of the events. Which is no mean feat for a random assortment of 25 disparate players.

We quite easily downed Marrowgar on our 2nd attempt I believe.  Our biggest issue was with Deathwhisper and add management. However we persevered and were rewarded on our 5-6th? attempt with a win. Gunship battle was the usual pushover and was downed in our 2nd attempt. The first attempt wiping with some confusion at a transition, the DPS launched before the tank and were taken out quite handily by the defenses.

All in all, a very good result and proof that a decent pug can cut it in the new 25 mans.

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