Tooth and Claw is the name of a guild that has been around since at least 2004.

With only a few core members that come and go between games it is really the most lax and lazy group to ever be considered a guild.

We have had some notoriety and at one point were a recognizable part of the Proudmoore server in World of Warcraft.

Since then though, the guild is on hiatus until another Juggernaut comes along to drag us all back in at the same time.

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  1. Wildfire says:

    I currently play MWO almost every night, and we are wanting to make a new clan, called “THE NIGHT CREW” and we wanted to use the TNC as our clan name. If you andyour guys dont play and use TNC anymore, we would like to take it, if that is ok with you. Thanks!

  2. Surloch says:

    Sorry mate, one or two of us still play MWO enough that we would like to hold on to the name. We’ve had it since closed beta, so it’s something all our friends recognise when we come back from time to time.

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