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Arrr, so tis’ Pirate Day this weekend. The 18th in game time, which works out t’ be roughly Sunday for us. Har’s the details from the official World o’ Warcraft site:

Type: Single-day holiday event
Date: September 19
Location: Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

Yarrrr matey, it be Pirates’ Day! Commoners wearing pirate garb have appeared in all the world’s cities with the news that the Dread Captain DeMeza and her crew have landed in Booty Bay and declared it Pirates’ Day! If you are brave enough to share a drink with her, you may have what it takes to become an honorary crew member for the day. First, talk to any pirate commoner to receive a costume to help you get into the spirit of Pirates’ Day. Once appropriately attired, head down to Booty Bay to join in the fun. There, look for Dread Captain Demeza and her crew, who have taken over the roof of the Booty Bay bank and auction house. By talking to Captain DeMeza, players become an honorary crew member and transform into a pirate of their race and gender for 12 hours. This costume buff may be clicked off but persists through combat, mounting, death, and so on. Other highlights of the holiday include:

  • A large crowd of pirate revelers (“Dread Crew”) who dance, talk, eat, drink, laugh, and shoot fireworks. Ask Baron Revilgaz what he thinks of the visitors.
  • The Tauren First Mate Hapana and his giant South Seas assault parrot, Nyuni.
  • A trio of cannons and cannoneers who periodically fire out into the bay – at times, just barely missing the sails of the incoming transport. Those crazy corsairs.
  • Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket, two curiously-named pirates.
  • Lively pirate-themed music that plays upon the rooftop.

Ahoy, see you in game, argh! Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!*

*Pirate Speak courtesy of Talk Like A Pirate Day

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With Hadeen’s account reactivated I logged him in to see if the WoW 4th anniversary achievement & the Baby Blizzard Bear present was still being handed out and luckily they were.

Congrats Hadeen – it’s a Baby Blizzard Bear!

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Yes, I’m a tiny bit late, but in fairness I’ve been busy trying to set up this site and forgot all about it until reading WoW blogs over breakfast this morning. I’d also already posted about this on my own site so no wonder it slipped my mind.

Anyway, yes World of Warcraft is 4 years old as of yesterday-ish. With the time zones and server times it kind of worked out as part of Sunday night and half of Monday, but let’s just leave it at yesterday for the sake of my brain not hurting.

As a birthday present to all of us who have made Blizzard stinking rich, upon logging in any time over the course of that day you will receive an achievement:

and a Baby Blizzard Bear which will immediately threaten to drown you in cuteness:

Surloch and my various alts logged in and got the presents, and I logged in Marlokh so he’s covered as well, but unfortunately Hadeen missed out due to unexpected account expirage. I’m not sure whether it’ll show up in the mail anyway, possibly without the achievement, but I guess disappointment will depend on how much Hadeen really wants an adorable little bear that pretty near everyone else has.

I should mention that the bear is Bind on Account which means that once you’ve done the usual clicking on the item to learn the spell (which I did for Marlokh btw), the item will still be in your bags. Do not destroy it! Send it to a bank alt or stick it in your bank bags as any current or future characters on that server will be able to use it to learn the spell. It’s just like a Never-ending Gobstopper that you can pass around to your imaginary friends I suppose. Just not as gross.

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