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Again, there have been no glyphs of interest until this morning when I finally rolled the dice and got the Shaman glyph, Glyph of Water Breathing.

Your Water Breathing spell no longer requires a reagent.

Pretty nice although although Water Breathing isn’t used nearly as often as Water Walking. I’ve made one and thrown it into the guild bank just in case Surloch feels like doing some pearl diving or something.

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I’d have updated with the last couple of glyphs I’ve learnt except they were just a couple of Death Knight ones ergo pretty useless to anyone but me and I didn’t even want them for my baby Death Knigget. But today I found something that’s not so much useful, but fun. Well, fun for Marlokh anyway since this is a Mage glyph: Glyph of the Penguin.

Your Polymorph: Sheep spell polymorphs the target into a penguin instead.

Wowhead has some screenshots of the penguin and they’re pretty cute. Being sheeped in PvP is annoying enough without looking like an adorable little penguin with huge Kewpie doll eyes. There’s one on the third tab of the Guild Bank should you feel a burning need to turn people into penguins.

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I scored one for Marwyn herself today: Glyph of Lay on Hands.

Increases the mana restored by your Lay on Hands spell by 20%.

I usually end up forgetting to use Lay on Hands until it’s too late (ie on the trip back to my poor corpse), but hopefully this and my constant reminders to use the damn thing will help.

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Today I not only pushed Marwyn’s Inscription skill up to 350 (only to find she’ll now need Northrend herbs gorramit!), but I also learnt the elusive Glyph of Water Walking for Surloch.

Your Water Walking spell no longer requires a reagent.

I think it was in the guild bank for maybe 5 minutes before he whisked it out and locked it in. Yay for no more reagents!

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Got two new minor glyphs today since this is really yesterday’s Glyph of the Day & today’s as well due to yesterday’s sucessful procrastination session. Better late than never right?

Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth is another one for the druids (and naturally none of us play a druid except for altoholic me and even then it’s a once in a blue moon thing).

Your Rebirth spell no longer requires a reagent.

Essentially it’s very much like the glyph Surloch would like for his Water Walking spell only, sadly, for druids and not for shamans. Oh well, the glyph is out there somewhere and eventually I’ll have to discover it.

Today’s glyph is a hunter glyph which seems to be most suited to PvP: Glyph of Revive Pet.

Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting Revive Pet by 100%.

Definitely of use for PvP, but could also come in handy when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

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